Passed Hors d’Oeuvres

Pan-browned chicken cilantro pot-stickers, served w/ hoisin dipping sauce

Toasted tortilla cups w/ a creamy mixture of shredded chicken, Monterey Jack, cumin & mild jalapenos

Apps - Brie tarts detail

Flaky phyllo tarts w/ warmed Brie topped w/ berries & toasted almonds

Oven-baked mac & cheese mini-muffins w/ four cheeses & a crisp buttery crust

Vietnamese summer rolls w/ julienned vegetables, rice vermicelli & cilantro, served w/ hoisin dipping sauce

Roasted whole figs stuffed w/ Gorgonzola & wrapped in crispy prosciutto

Oven-baked baby red & white potatoes stuffed w/ sausage, herbs & mozzarella

Tiny, sweet red Peppadew peppers stuffed w/ herbed goat cheese & garlic

Pigs in a puff-pastry blanket, served on picks w/ ketchup & mustards

Fresh littleneck clams baked w/ crispy bacon, sautéed shallots & breadcrumbs

Chesapeake Bay mini-crab cakes served w/ chipotle aioli & lime-cilantro crème

Chowdah shots … tiny glasses of New England’s signature soup w/ clams, potatoes, cream & a hint of thyme

Oven-roasted sea scallops wrapped in crispy bacon & basted w/ pure maple syrup

Miniature tarts of flaky phyllo w/ fillings …

caramelized sweet onions, mozzarella & nutmeg

roasted artichoke hearts w/ Parmesan & green chilies

creamy spinach filling w/ shallots & Feta cheese

lump crabmeat gently warmed w/ chive cream cheese

warm Brie topped w/ raspberries & toasted almonds

Light-as-air puff pastries made w/ …

Roquefort & Parmesan cheeses

Gruyére & Asiago cheeses w/ thyme

Toasted baguette w/ toppings …

white-bean hummus w/ sage, garlic & sea salt

cream cheese drizzled w/ sweet ‘n spicy jalapeno pepper jam

warm Brie w/ green apples & candied walnuts

English Stilton topped w/ apple-cranberry chutney w/ toasted mustard seed

sautéed baby shrimp in garlic pesto

classic tartare …

beef: finely minced seasoned beef tenderloin w/ red onion, capers & fresh ground pepper, served w/ rye rounds (NOTE: This dish contains raw beef)

seared tuna: w/ sesame-mustard seed crust, served w/ wasabi mayo & ginger

Flaky puff-pastry roll-ups w/ …

basil-walnut pesto w/ Pecorino-Romano cheese

roasted sweet red peppers w/ garlic & Parmesan

Stationary Hors d’Oeuvres

Fresh combinations of ingredients served on skewers …

• cheese tortellinis & prosciutto w/ basil aioli

• spicy Louisiana lemon-honey shrimp w/ pineapple

• roast beef w/ green apples & horseradish mayo

• sweet sausage medallions caramelized in maple-orange marmalade syrup

• perfectly grilled kielbasa w/ a light char, served w/ stone-ground mustard

Large shrimp two ways …

steamed in Old Bay, served chilled w/ cocktail or remoulade sauce

marinated in cayenne oil & served w/ avocado-chile dipping sauce

Thinly sliced beef tenderloin w/ peppercorn crust served w/ horseradish cream, shaved Asiago, cracked black pepper & toast points

Grilled lemon-thyme chicken cutlets on skewers, served w/ spicy peanut sauce

Pork tenderloin seared in soy, sesame oil & garlic, served w/ cranberry-Mandarin orange chutney, ginger cream cheese & toasted baguette

Cocktail meatballs slow-simmered in cider-brown sugar BBQ sauce …

… or try our newest version …. maple-bourbon balls w/ a dash of chipotle

Crusty baked French loaf w/ fennel sausage & herbs, brushed w/ sage butter

Portabella pâté w/ shallots & Granny Smith apples, served w/ toasted baguette

Toasted cheese raviolis served on picks w/ tomato-sage cream sauce

Refreshingly light salmon mousse w/ dill & paprika, served w/ water biscuits

Scallop ceviche … fresh bay scallops in lime juice w/ jalapenos & toasted coconut,

served w/ Saltine crackers (NOTE: This dish contains uncooked shellfish)

Cheese & Other Platters

An assortment of imported & domestic artisanal cheeses, served w/ crackers & seasonal fruits & berries ( … may include any of the following … )

Apps - Cheese board detail 1

Cheese board w/ seasonal fruits

Creamy goat cheese w/ a warm glaze of honeyed fig jam, drizzled w/ balsamic vinegar & toasted macadamia nuts

The Red Lion Inn’s famous cheese spread w/ garlic, chives & dill

Double-cream Brie baked into flaky puff pastry w/ fillings & toppings …

black-raspberry preserves w/ almonds

fresh parsley & basil w/ toasted pecans

cracked peppercorn crust

cranberry-apple chutney w/ sweet onions

Platter of smoked North Atlantic salmon served w/ dilled cream cheese, pita crisps & accompaniments (capers, lemon, red onion)

A selection of cured Italian meats & aged cheeses served w/ garlic-herb mozzarella balls, marinated artichoke hearts, mixed olives & crusty breads

Platter of seasonal fruits & berries, locally grown when available

Fresh seasonal vegetables served w/ dips & chips …

lime-chipotle dip

sun-dried tomato dip w/ green onions

Bleu cheese dip w/ caramelized shallots

traditional Ranch dip

oven-baked Reuben dip

hot, creamy Buffalo chicken dip