Pastas & Side Dishes


Rigatoni Amatriciana w/ smoky Italian pancetta, homemade herbed tomato sauce w/ caramelized onions & mild chilies

Classic spaghetti carbonara … pancetta, egg, Parmesan & cracked black pepper. Nothing else.

Fettuccine w/ creamy lemon asparagus sauce

Spaghetti d’Roma … the original from the Italian capital, a zesty lemon pasta w/ Parmesan cheese & freshly ground pepper

Bite-sized raviolis filled w/ ricotta & tossed in a tomato-sage cream sauce

Baked macaroni & cheese w/ four cheeses, oven-baked for a crusty, browned top


Asparagus …

  • sautéed w/ almonds, Parmesan & butter
  • lightly steamed & served w/ lemony garlic aioli

      Tender broccoli crowns sautéed w/ olive oil & garlic

      Brussel sprouts roasted w/ almonds & honey

      Carrots sautéed w/ lemon basil butter

      Grilled cauliflower w/ thyme & garlic

      Oven-roasted fennel w/ Parmesan

      Ginger-garlic roasted green beans

Sautéed zucchini, summer squash & onions w/ basil

Creamed corn casserole

Five-onion creamed onions

Red peppers roasted w/ corn, sweet potatoes & thyme

      Lemon rice pilaf w/ Parmesan

      Baked Italian rice w/ Parmesan, mozzarella & basil

      Southern-style baked grits w/ two cheeses

      Creamy polenta topped w/ caramelized onions & freshly grated Parmesan

      Oven-roasted potato medley w/ cracked pepper & thyme

      Maple glazed sweet potatoes

      Scalloped potatoes layered w/ caramelized onions in thyme cream

      Sour-cream mashed potatoes w/ various toppings