Soup & Salads

Hot soups

Classic onion soup, oven-baked w/ crusty bread & melted Gruyere

Creamy potato soup w/ sautéed leeks & thyme (also served chilled)

Seafood chowder w/ shrimp, scallops, crab & clams

Harvest pumpkin bisque w/ ginger & a pinch of hot chile

Velvety corn & shallot chowder w/ chives

Winter squash & corn chowder w/ cumin

Cold soups

Creamy buttermilk-cucumber soup w/ scallions, fresh dill & mint

Summer squash soup w/ crème fráiche

Chilled pea soup w/ fresh mint

Creamy mango soup w/ lemon zest

Summer strawberry soup w/ citrus

Green salads

Mixed baby greens w/ …

  • Asian pears & Bleu cheese, drizzled w/ fig balsamic vinaigrette
  • sliced navel oranges w/ avocado, sweet onion & poppy-seed dressing
  • green apples, dried berries, Roquefort cheese & toasted almonds w/ black-raspberry vinaigrette
  • sliced fennel w/ green apples, celery & lemon vinaigrette
  • summer-ripened peaches w/ goat cheese, toasted almonds & shallot vinaigrette

Romaine lettuce tossed w/ Mandarin oranges, scallions & candied walnuts, served w/ parsley-shallot vinaigrette

Caesar salad w/ rosemary-garlic croutons & Parmesan dressing (grilled chicken or blackened shrimp optional)

Greek salad w/ ripe tomatoes & cucumbers, Kalamata olives & Feta cheese

Sautéed rounds of herbed goat cheese served over baby greens w/ lemon-scallion dressing

Baby spinach salad w/ sliced mushrooms & bacon-buttermilk dressing

                                Italian “panzanella” salad … Various breads (country rustic, corn bread, sun-dried tomato)                                   tossed w/ cucumbers, tomatoes & Fontina cheese, drizzled w/ lemon-basil dressing

Roasted red beet & red onion salad served over mixed greens w/ Dijon vinaigrette

Other salads

Barely steamed fresh green beans tossed in garlic-basil dressing, served w/ sliced ripe tomatoes

White bean salad w/ orzo & sage, tossed in lemon-parsley dressing

                                           Caprese … ripe summer tomatoes stacked w/ fresh mozzarella & basil,                                           drizzled w/ extra virgin olive oil & cracked black pepper

Steamed broccoli florets, served chilled w/ mango-Dijon dressing

Breast of chicken salad w/ grapes & toasted almonds in dill mayo

Grilled flank steak w/ maple-chipotle glaze, served over mixed greens w/ maple balsamic vinaigrette

Tiny cups of butter lettuce filled w/ stir-fried chicken, green onions & cashews

Summer fruit salad w/ seasonal fruits & berries, locally grown when available

Pasta salads

Small shells w/ thinly sliced cucumbers, petite peas & scallions in dill mayo sauce

Tuscan pasta salad w/ white & yellow corn, cherry tomatoes & fresh basil in herbed vinaigrette

Asian noodles in sesame-ginger sauce w/ green onions

                                    Israeli pearl couscous tossed w/ red peppers, scallions & lemon-basil vinaigrette                           (sautéed baby shrimp optional)

                                                             Classic American potato salad w/ celery, eggs & dill mayo …                                                              or try the French version w/ baby white potatoes & petite peas in lemon-chive aioli